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Lrc melobytes

melobytes LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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93553 - melobytes [07:13.79] 1 day ago
by Guest
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[00:23.14]The inequitable world, with prosperity for a few but not others to that compass
[00:44.88]Whom shall we condemn? To conditions of one’s origin, existence, and slog
[01:01.09]Numerous illiterate and jobless, thriving on meagre savings in the filthy shacks
[01:24.35]Can we let the world like this? Polluted air, water; and dearth of food stock
[01:50.63]Subdued women; superfluous hardship, affliction, demise! Will you accord?
[02:11.61]Opportunity of lucrative profit for some, led to relocation and growth of city
[02:29.37]Rest estranged behind with poverty, insecurity, social and health inequality
[02:47.08]Facing scourge of climate change, mental malady, mother and child wretched
[03:11.58]Couldn’t we ward off the wrack of civilization and economy, with delivery
[03:30.38]Of healthy conditions in life and work, quality services timely to deprived
[03:48.85]Coronavirus tormented the defenceless, disparaged, and diseased; in addition
[04:07.83]Not anymore! Just proceed for building a fairer, healthier world for one and all
[04:41.31]Where health standards are pertinent to all human beings without distinction
[04:58.31]Of race, religion, politics, money, society, and condition; then it will be neutral
[05:20.33]Requisite are basic amenities and healthy life, since equality is right above all
[05:57.57]Superintend this chasm and destinate the community to spearhead; and limit
[06:11.31]Disrupted education and monetary impact of pandemic; causing child to halt
[06:20.81]Take care, of migrant and slum dweller who are prone to infection and deficit
[06:23.30]Raise the coverage of health services, to the indigent in society, who appreciate
[06:30.06]Then we might blossom, and fulfil our purpose, though gradually but persistent