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Lrc "Light Year"

"Light Year" LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70682 - "Light Year" [03:38.46] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:"Light Year"]
[00:16.49]I woke you up with poetry and stones
[00:24.34]The ragged and the bones
[00:27.51]Strewn around the room
[00:32.49]I recall another hazy may
[00:39.76]Take a round in the ring
[00:42.74]Gone hungry for the win
[00:55.02] Here's the part I just lose everything
[01:02.73]And I cracked a spark just to hear you sing
[01:39.27]I took it out
[01:43.12]The papers and the trash
[01:45.87]Old among the cans
[01:49.67]This golden love gone bad
[01:55.05]Shined it up
[01:58.80]Aiming at the sun
[02:01.29]Just a light year from us
[02:05.31]Hop a cab ride and we're off..
[02:17.53]And all the ravens came along to play
[02:25.05]The simple notes you sang just went astray
[02:45.18]Everything was up, it's coming down
[02:52.98]Everything was up, it's coming down
[02:59.98]Coming down
[03:07.81]Coming down
[03:20.59]Everything I ever wanted was you