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Lrc 01 - Head Down

01 - Head Down LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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22115 - 01 - Head Down [04:08.62] 5 years ago
by Guest
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[00:11.42]Here let me break down
[00:14.54]Yea I'm gon make it now
[00:16.09]Give me some time, and you'll see me up on stage somehow
[00:19.42]I'm working every day
[00:21.27]I'm working hella late
[00:23.12]I'm working cuz it's worth it once you make it then you play
[00:26.50]I'm never slowing down
[00:28.33]I'm gunna own this town
[00:29.91]Live by the saying that your time is lost but never found
[00:33.28]Let's go another round
[00:35.10]Make them give up the crown
[00:36.75]Na I ain't playing man I'll take it so just give it now
[00:41.59]I'm gunna work hard
[00:42.10]Play hard
[00:43.16]I play my first card
[00:43.69]Ace heart
[00:44.84]They know I play smart, play hard
[00:45.88]We don't have the same start
[00:46.92]We don't have the same cards
[00:47.97]Yea it's not the hand that your dealt
[00:49.55]Na it's how you prove it to yourself
[00:51.10]No you don't need any wealth
[00:52.66]Gotta live your life work hard and excel
[00:54.48]Yea don't be looking for their help
[00:56.08]Look inside of yourself for the wealth
[00:57.65]Keep your mind and your body in good health
[00:59.46]And keep working for nobody but yourself
[01:01.30]Yea you can make it one day
[01:03.40]Don't be listening what anybody say
[01:04.72]They got their own state of mind ok
[01:06.30]Most of the time it won't help anything
[01:07.86]I'm gon keep my head down x2
[01:11.01]I ain't gonna stop now x2
[01:14.46]Got no time to have doubts x2
[01:17.37]I'm gon make it somehow x2
[01:34.31]I'm gon keep my head down!
[02:02.63]I'm gunna fight till i make it yuh
[02:06.06]Yea I'll be ok
[02:07.90]Oh I'll be ok
[02:09.48]I'm gunna fight never giving up
[02:12.36]Yea I'll be ok
[02:14.44]Oh I'll be ok
[02:16.26]Cuz I know just what I'm capable of
[02:19.68]You can leave if that's not Enough
[02:22.85]I believe in never giving up
[02:26.28]I don't need someone to help me up
[02:28.93]Yea I work harder than the rest
[02:32.32]Smarter than the best
[02:33.12]Everyday is a test
[02:33.90]But I stay obsessed
[02:34.71]Maintain progress
[02:35.52]Keep away from the stress
[02:36.31]Cuz I want nothing less
[02:38.13]I keep moving on
[02:38.89]Every single day is another gone
[02:40.71]Every single day write another song
[02:42.27]So one day I play with the best it's on
[02:44.64]I know my path
[02:45.98]Not just an artist I'm doing math
[02:47.57]Not just charting I have to add
[02:49.13]Cuz I'm not just an art kid I'm a brand
[02:51.23]So I'm working hard
[02:52.00]Thinking smart
[02:52.53]Taking action with passion and using heart
[02:54.09]Gain traction reactions are just the start
[02:55.92]No distractions attract them to your art
[02:57.55]I'm gon keep my head down x2
[03:14.12]I ain't gonna stop now x2
[03:17.83]Got no time to have doubts x2
[03:21.22]I'm gon make it somehow x2
[03:24.13]I'm gon keep my head down!