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Lrc 01 - Nightmare

01 - Nightmare LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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22976 - 01 - Nightmare [03:15.34] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:09.23]Every day that I wake up
[00:11.48]I wake up in a nightmare
[00:13.75]Every day that I wake up
[00:15.24]I can never see quite clear
[00:17.74]When I look at my surroundings
[00:20.00]And everybody still doubts me
[00:22.25]I wanna live to hear a crowd sing
[00:24.28]All my lyrics so loudly
[00:26.10]I miss the time when we would all get together
[00:28.10]I guess it's fine, but I really wish that we were better
[00:30.36]Real talk, sipping drinks without all the pressure
[00:32.61]Now everybody needs to think about posting whatever
[00:34.87]And people ask how I'm doing, I've never been better
[00:36.87]That's really not a conversation I'm willing to enter
[00:39.13]How come we all continue forcing out all this pressure?
[00:41.38]I'm just sick of these opinions and all of these lectures
[00:43.39]I need my space now
[00:45.14]So I can feel nothing
[00:47.42]I live this nightmare
[00:49.42]So I can be something
[00:51.68]I do what I love
[00:53.93]And hope you will love me
[00:56.19]I face this nightmare
[00:58.19]No, I am not running
[01:01.70]I'm scared of being rich
[01:03.70]I'm scared of being poor
[01:05.96]I'm scared of being lonely
[01:08.21]But I'm scared of being bored
[01:10.47]Sometimes I get really angry
[01:12.47]And I don't know why
[01:14.48]Sometimes I really do hate me
[01:16.73]Can't even pick my own side, yeah
[01:18.99]What is even going on?
[01:20.69]Why the hell do I even write songs?
[01:22.94]What the hell am I doing here, man?
[01:24.69]I guess I don't understand a thing, damn
[01:27.20]Yeah, but maybe ignorance is bliss
[01:29.46]Yo, I'd rather lay in the abyss
[01:31.96]Than be aware of what I missed
[01:33.96]Especially if I quit
[01:35.87]Yeah, they say that hell is your last day
[01:38.45]When you see what you could've became
[01:40.73]That day would drive me insane
[01:42.98]So I intend on staying my lane
[01:44.37]Yeah, I picked a path and I picked the pain
[01:46.87]Yeah, I want it bad, that won't ever change
[01:48.88]Yeah, sometimes I'm mad, sometimes I'm okay
[01:51.13]Yeah, I know I'll have what I want someday
[01:53.24]I need my space now
[01:54.74]So I can feel nothing
[01:57.29]I live this nightmare
[01:59.30]So I can be something
[02:01.55]I do what I love
[02:03.81]And hope you will love me
[02:06.34]I face this nightmare
[02:08.07]No, I am not running
[02:11.33]And it's hard to be okay
[02:13.58]When everything has changed
[02:15.83]Yeah, it's hard to be okay
[02:17.59]When I can see everything
[02:19.84]The best part of everyone's day
[02:22.35]Is on my iPhone, on display
[02:24.35]No matter what I do, can't get away
[02:26.61]This isn't healthy, I don't feel the same
[02:28.33]Yo, and destiny is a weird thing
[02:30.34]Yeah, 'cause it's easier to believe
[02:32.60]Yeah, that everything is out of your hands
[02:34.39]It's part of a plan so there ain't no need to worry
[02:36.73]Uh, don't let your vision be blurry
[02:38.99]Yeah, lock in to your journey
[02:41.24]Yo, and you can start real early
[02:43.53]You can be thirteen or you could be thirty
[02:45.50]Uh, but it's your life to live, yeah
[02:47.75]Yeah, so what you got to give, huh?
[02:50.01]Uh, you better get after it
[02:51.72]Don't you dare quit, don't you dare kid
[02:53.73]You got dreams? Then you're like me
[02:55.98]So try like me, so fight like me
[02:58.24]Take a hold of your life and thrive like me
[03:00.24]So you can put the nightmares to sleep like me