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Lrc 06 Pretty Peggy-O

06 Pretty Peggy-O LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10198 - 06 Pretty Peggy-O [03:24.00] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:16.60]I've been around this whole country
[00:19.34]But I never yet found Fenneario
[00:23.86]Well, as we marched down, as we marched down
[00:27.60]Well, as we marched down to Fennerio'
[00:31.60]Well, our captain fell in love with a lady like a dove
[00:35.37]Her name that she had was Pretty Peggy-O
[00:56.35]Well, what will your mother say, what will your mother say
[01:00.37]What will your mother say, Pretty Peggy-O
[01:04.37]What will your mother say to know you're going away
[01:07.85]You're never, never, never coming back-io?
[01:28.85]Come a-running down your stairs
[01:30.60]Come a-running down your stairs
[01:32.60]Come a-running down your stairs, Pretty Peggy-O
[01:36.35]Come a-running down your stairs
[01:38.09]Combing back your yellow hair
[01:40.19]You're the prettiest darned girl I ever seen-io
[01:59.69]The lieutenant he has gone
[02:01.19]The lieutenant he has gone
[02:03.45]The lieutenant he has gone, Pretty Peggy-O
[02:07.44]The lieutenant he has gone, long gone
[02:11.20]He's a-riding down in Texas with the rodeo
[02:32.19]Well, our captain he is dead, our captain he is dead
[02:35.69]Our captain he is dead, Pretty Peggy-O
[02:39.69]Well, our captain he is dead, died for a maid
[02:43.45]He's buried somewhere in Louisiana-O