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Lrc 11 am

11 am LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

LRC contents are synchronized by Megalobiz Users via our LRC Generator and controlled by Megalobiz Staff. You may find multiple LRC for the same music and some LRC may not be formatted properly.
10639 - 11 am [04:38.09] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:11 am]
[00:01.49]{00:02.56,Em}( I n t {00:04.09,C}r o ) {00:05.68,Em} {00:07.38,C}
[00:08.49]{00:08.79,Em}( I n t {00:10.47,C}r o ) {00:11.92,Em}
[00:12.99]{00:13.47,D}( I n {00:13.98,C}t r o ){00:15.05,Em}
[00:16.49]{00:16.81,C}( I n t {00:18.17,Em}r o ) {00:19.72,D} {00:20.22,C}
[00:20.99]{00:21.26,Em}( I n t {00:22.96,C}r o ) {00:24.36,Am} {00:26.14,C}
[00:27.24]{00:27.52,Em}( I n t {00:29.26,C}r o ) {00:30.63,Em}
[00:31.74]{00:32.19,D}( I n {00:32.76,C}t r o {00:33.71,Em})
[00:35.24]{00:35.48,C}( I n t {00:36.84,Am}r o ) {00:38.58,C}
[00:39.49]{00:39.95,Em}( I n t r o )
[00:41.49]{00:41.74,C} 7 a{00:43.11,Em}m {00:44.90,C}
[00:45.49]The {00:46.23,Em}garbage truck beeps as it {00:47.99,C}backs up
[00:48.49]And I st{00:49.34,D}art my day thinking abo{00:50.90,C}ut what
[00:51.24]I've thrown awa{00:52.47,Em}y
[00:53.99]{00:54.32,C} Could I push re{00:55.59,Em}wind? {00:57.35,C}
[00:57.89]All the {00:58.73,Em}credits strewn in
[00:59.53]Signifying{01:00.49,C} the end
[01:01.03]But I mis{01:01.84,D}sed the best part
[01:02.78]Could w{01:03.36,C}e please go back to
[01:04.78]{01:04.92,Am}The start? For{01:08.04,C}give my indecisio{01:11.13,Am}n
[01:13.53]{01:13.89,G}( I n t e {01:15.45,F}r l u d e )
[01:16.53]And {01:17.42,Em}then agai{01:19.17,C}n, th{01:20.50,Em}en agai{01:21.84,D}n
[01:22.53]{01:22.60,C} {01:23.64,Em}Then agai{01:25.35,C}n. You're always firs{01:26.71,Am}t when
[01:27.28]No one's on {01:28.30,C}your side but
[01:29.53]{01:29.87,Em}Then agai{01:31.61,C}n, th{01:32.97,Em}en again{01:34.33,D}
[01:35.03]{01:35.12,C} {01:36.07,Em}Then agai{01:37.85,C}n. The day will co{01:39.20,Am}me when
[01:39.66]I want off {01:40.99,C}that ride hey{01:42.32,Em}
[01:43.91]{01:44.12,C} 11 a{01:45.46,Em}m {01:47.21,C}
[01:47.91]By {01:48.60,Em}now you would think
[01:49.41]That I would {01:50.35,C}be up
[01:50.92]But my be{01:51.68,D}dsheets shade
[01:52.55]The heated {01:53.19,C}choices I mad{01:54.81,Em}e
[01:56.31]{01:56.61,C} What did {01:57.93,Em}I find?{01:59.70,C}
[02:00.56]I {02:00.98,Em}never thought I could want
[02:02.31]Some{02:02.82,C}one so much
[02:03.56]'Cause no{02:04.15,D}w you're not here and I'm
[02:05.56]Kn{02:05.77,C}ee deep in my ow{02:07.27,Am}n fear
[02:09.31]For{02:10.41,C}give my indecisio{02:13.52,Am}n
[02:15.31]I am on{02:16.64,C}ly a ma{02:19.73,Am}n
[02:22.31]{02:22.51,G}( I n t e {02:24.02,F}r l u d e )
[02:25.56]{02:26.00,Em}Then agai{02:27.75,C}n, th{02:29.11,Em}en agai{02:30.44,D}n
[02:31.06]{02:31.24,C} {02:32.20,Em}Then agai{02:33.92,C}n. You're always firs{02:35.30,Am}t when
[02:35.81]No one's on {02:37.03,C}your side but
[02:38.06]{02:38.40,Em}Then agai{02:40.19,C}n, th{02:41.53,Em}en again, a{02:42.87,D}gain
[02:43.56]A{02:43.69,C}gain, {02:44.66,Em}then agai{02:46.40,C}n. The day will co{02:47.76,Am}me when
[02:48.19]I want off {02:49.54,C}that ride hey {02:50.89,G}bab{02:52.08,F}y
[02:53.58]{02:54.03,G}F-e-e{02:55.16,F}-l, W-h-{02:57.13,G}o-a-o-{02:58.30,F}w
[02:59.96]{03:00.25,G}( I n t {03:01.42,F}e r l u d e )
[03:02.96]{03:03.38,G} 12 pm a{03:04.54,F}nd my dusty teleph{03:06.51,G}one rings{03:07.67,F}
[03:09.21]{03:09.63,G} Heavy head up {03:10.79,F}from my pillow
[03:11.71]Who could it {03:12.73,G}be? {03:13.91,F}
[03:14.59]I hope its {03:15.88,Em}you
[03:17.84]It's {03:19.01,E7}you
[03:26.49]{03:26.52,D}( I n t {03:27.30,C}e r l u {03:28.29,Em}d e ) {03:30.03,C}
[03:30.99]{03:31.38,Am}( I n t e {03:33.17,C}r l u d e )
[03:34.24]{03:34.51,Em}Then agai{03:36.27,C}n, th{03:37.63,Em}en agai{03:39.01,D}n
[03:39.74]{03:39.81,C} {03:40.74,Em}Then agai{03:42.50,C}n. You're always fir{03:43.85,Am}st when
[03:44.24]No one's {03:45.64,C}on your side but
[03:46.74]{03:46.98,Em}Then agai{03:48.76,C}n, th{03:50.09,Em}en agai{03:51.47,D}n, again
[03:52.24]A{03:52.25,C}gain. {03:53.27,Em}Then agai{03:54.97,C}n, the day has co{03:56.35,Am}me
[03:56.62]And I want off th{03:58.15,C}at ride oh{03:59.48,Em}