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Lrc Any Man In America by Blue October

Any Man In America - Blue October LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11405 - Any Man In America by Blue October [06:25.87] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Blue October]
[ti:Any Man In America]
[00:34.72]I only note spending time away
[00:39.22]I only note the truth is spoken
[00:41.22]Best when brutally, so honestly
[00:43.23]I'll let you know you set the standards lyrically for me
[00:45.98]One single middle finger, say raise it up
[00:48.74]My speech will always be free
[00:50.74]Like Martin Luther King, you had meaning to me
[00:52.25]Single-handedly saving music, starving industry
[00:57.25]A hip-hop legend with skin like invisible ink
[01:00.75]Black, even though he was whiter than me
[01:03.50]He was the first to be colorless, speaking for all of us
[01:06.76]Then you let us into your family
[01:09.77]Mother, father, brother, sister, wife, daughter
[01:11.02]Damn, right in front of me
[01:12.27]That's when I miss my daughter desperately
[01:14.53]Your Mockingbird puts dents in me
[01:16.79]While touring press and reliving my song Hate Me
[01:20.29]I was losing custody, I never even saw that shit
[01:23.55]How she played me and planned and sought it fit
[01:25.80]To turn that trick and financially, she would benefit
[01:29.07]My first and probably only Billboard hit
[01:32.58]Was gonna pay for my two year old's college
[01:34.83]I should have hid that shit, so she couldn't spend that shit
[01:37.83]It took twenty years of working just to earn that shit
[01:41.59]Now word for word, I've listened, heard, and I'm done
[01:46.59]Like you don't know
[01:48.59]You act like you believe it
[01:50.34]That you're in control
[01:52.85]It's just your legal system though
[01:55.35]They don't think about you
[01:57.86]No, they don't care about you
[01:59.87]Now every man in America, take back your control
[02:03.88]Like you don't know
[02:05.88]You act like you believe it
[02:08.15]That you're in control
[02:10.40]It's just your legal system though
[02:12.66]They don't think about it
[02:15.17]No, they don't care about it
[02:17.42]Now every man in America, take back your control
[02:21.42]So I kept my business quiet, just like my lawyer said
[02:25.92]And I tried to focus all my anger in my work instead
[02:30.18]I was succeeding at self-reliant, but inside, my soul is dead
[02:34.43]I had to be the sole provider, but not allowed to be the dad
[02:39.19]Literally, they took her from me; legally they did! They did!
[02:43.45]But I'm not a fucking book, so fuck your book
[02:46.46]In Lincoln, I said
[02:47.96]"Fuck the judge, fuck that county, fuck your family too
[02:51.97]Yeah, fuck everybody that took my baby girl, Blue"
[02:56.47]And I'm way too strong, I work my ass off all day long
[03:00.74]And I'm gone for months at a time
[03:03.00]And you keep sitting there and lying
[03:05.50]Bitching "Come back home"
[03:07.25]I hate you, hate you, God
[03:09.76]And then you came back home
[03:11.52]And filed for another fucking divorce
[03:14.28]I'm sick of crying, I'm sick of you instead
[03:18.29]I'm not sick, or stuck in my head
[03:22.79]Any other man in American can get screwed just like me
[04:06.11]You won't understand, probably never will
[04:08.62]Listen slowly, I'll let you know the deal
[04:10.87]Lying ass, play the judge with your crying ass
[04:13.13]You had your nose wide open when you saw the cash
[04:15.13]Grimy bitch, growing tired of you trying shit
[04:17.38]Women run the courts, men provide the chips
[04:19.64]Well, eat up, bitch, until you had enough, bitch
[04:21.89]But take my kids; you can kiss both my nuts, bitch
[04:24.15]Telling lies 'cause daddy's always on the road
[04:26.40]But you the one fucking like a groupie at a show
[04:28.40]Money-hungry, so you try to take my youngest from me
[04:30.65]You a dummy, honey, I'll chase you across the country
[04:32.90]Bring the drama to your mama and your mama's mama
[04:35.15]'Cause we all know you chasing after commas
[04:37.15]Couple checks, few houses, and Gucci blouses
[04:39.15]You changing dicks like you changing outfits
[04:41.65]Constitution nowaday's got the daddies losing
[04:43.66]Lot of fathers getting fucked like prostitution