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Lrc Beautiful by Crush

Beautiful - Crush LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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32670 - Beautiful by Crush [03:48.39] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:16.11]It’s a beautiful life
[00:19.36]nan neoui gyeote isseulge
[00:24.86]It’s a beautiful life
[00:27.87]neoui dwie seo isseulge
[00:33.61]beautiful love
[00:38.36]haneurarae neowa issdamyeon
[00:43.36]sumswineungeosmaneurodo joha
[00:51.11]It’s a beautiful life
[00:53.38]beautiful day
[00:55.62]neoui gieogeseo naega saltende
[00:59.86]beautiful life
[01:01.86]beautiful day
[01:04.86]nae gyeoteseo meomulleojwo
[01:09.37]beautiful my love
[01:13.12]beautiful your heart
[01:17.39]It’s a beautiful life
[01:25.86]It’s a beautiful life
[01:34.87]It’s a beautiful life
[01:37.86]eonjena neol jikyeojulge
[01:43.38]It’s a beautiful life
[01:46.59]naege gidaelsuga issge
[01:52.37]beautiful love
[01:56.86]neoui nunmul neoui misodo
[02:01.88]gyeoteseo hamkke hal su issdorok
[02:09.62]It’s a beautiful life
[02:11.62]beautiful day
[02:14.14]michidorok neol saranghaesseossdeon nal
[02:18.36]beautiful life beautiful day
[02:23.37]neoreul ilhgo sipji anha
[02:27.11]beautiful my love
[02:31.61]beautiful your heart
[02:35.87]It’s a beautiful life
[02:39.11]sesange neowa talmeun chueogi
[02:44.87]tto deonggeureoni naege namgyeojyeoisseo
[02:51.84]neowaui gieok neowaui chueok
[03:02.37]It’s a sollowful life
[03:04.37]sollowful day
[03:06.63]seulpeumeul igiji moshaneun naege
[03:10.89]sollowful life sollowful day
[03:15.87]nae gyeoteseo tteonajima
[03:20.12]chueoksoge naega salji anhdorok
[03:33.37]It’s a beautiful life