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Lrc Cynical

Cynical LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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20878 - Cynical [01:55.70] 5 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.95]{00:01.82,C] There's a cyni{00:02.66,Dm]cal feeling
[00:03.20]Saying {00:03.97,Am]I should {00:04.81,A#]give up
[00:05.95]{00:06.18,C] You said every{00:06.97,Dm]thing you'll ever s{00:08.32,A#]ay
[00:09.70]{00:10.46,C] There's a moment o{00:11.31,Dm]f panic
[00:11.95]When {00:12.68,Am]I hear the {00:13.52,A#]phone ring
[00:14.45]{00:14.94,C] Anxiety{00:15.69,Dm]'s calling in m{00:17.04,A#]y head
[00:18.20]{00:18.64,Dm]Is it {00:19.21,A#]back ag{00:21.41,C]ain?
[00:22.70]{00:23.06,Dm]Are you {00:23.64,A#]back ag{00:25.76,C]ain?
[00:29.20]{00:30.20,F]( I n t e{00:35.00,F] r l u d{00:38.50,F] e )
[00:40.45]{00:41.04,C]( I n t {00:43.43,Gm]e r l u{00:45.83,A#] d e )
[00:46.95]{00:47.29,C]( I n{00:47.58,A#] t e r {00:47.87,Gm]l u d e{00:48.15,F] )
[00:48.34]Don't wake me up before you l{00:50.60,C]eave
[00:51.84]Is there the slig{00:53.00,Gm]htest trace
[00:53.59]Of what you once bel{00:55.35,A#]ieved
[00:56.09](Woa{00:56.82,C]h o{00:57.13,A#]h oh{00:57.43,Gm] oh){00:57.75,F]
[00:57.98]I feel your hand unlock the d{01:00.17,C]oor
[01:01.48]Leaving fi{01:02.59,Gm]ngerprints
[01:03.23]Of water in the {01:04.97,A#]oil
[01:05.98](Wo{01:06.45,C]ah {01:06.75,Dm]oh o{01:07.04,Em]h oh)
[01:07.12]{01:07.36,F]What's the point of
[01:09.62]{01:09.84,C]Saying sorry {01:12.19,Gm]now {01:14.61,A#]
[01:16.37]{01:17.00,F]Lost my voice while
[01:19.12]{01:19.42,C]Fighting my way {01:21.82,Gm]out
[01:22.37](While fighting my way {01:24.23,A#]out)
[01:26.12]{01:26.61,F]What's the point of
[01:28.62]{01:29.01,C]Saying sorry {01:31.40,Gm]now (not sorry)
[01:32.37](Not sorry{01:33.78,A#], not sorry, I'm not sorry)
[01:35.87]{01:36.17,F]Lost my voice while
[01:38.37]{01:38.57,C]Fighting my way {01:40.97,Gm]out (not sorry)
[01:42.12](Not sorry{01:43.35,A#], not sorry, I'm not sorry {01:46.35,F]now)