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Lrc Cytus II Opening - The Whole Rest (Full Ver.)

Cytus II Opening - The Whole Rest (Full Ver.) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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21929 - Cytus II Opening - The Whole Rest (Full Ver.) [02:31.07] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:16.05]Wake up
[00:19.08]Can you hear the gravity
[00:22.61]is now on beat
[00:24.83]Tell me what is fake and real
[00:28.35]On the edge of lie and truth
[00:31.91]Can you recognize yourself?
[00:35.67]Don’t you remember what they said to you?
[00:41.70]The rumors hurt your feel
[00:44.65]The rumors against your will
[00:47.97]Don’t give it up
[00:49.72]Go pursue “your own” freedom and dreams
[00:53.95]While they tore us apart
[00:56.98]Then we all alone
[00:59.99]Now we all alone
[01:06.26]So we break it, we break it, we break it
[01:12.81]The rule of (d)ark is time to end up
[01:15.56]Take your soul back and now stand up
[01:18.85]True north of your heart
[01:20.83]You will see who you are
[01:25.35]Burn to ashes into the sun
[01:27.86]Till the end of day you’ll find out from your heart
[01:32.35]Seeking the whole rest of brand new world
[01:36.64]We break it, we break it, reload the faith in your eyes
[01:42.91]We chase it, we chase it, love used to be in our mind
[01:48.94]We break it, we break it, we believe the truth won’t buried alive