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Lrc For however long by Bryson Tiller

For however long - Bryson Tiller LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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20398 - For however long by Bryson Tiller [02:05.35] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Bryson Tiller ]
[al:T r a p s o u l]
[ti:For however long ]
[au:Bryson Tiller ]
[00:28.01]Bless up
[00:30.00]There's some bad bitches out there that I really wanna sex up
[00:33.00]They'll probably only let me fuck 'cause I'm next up
[00:36.02]Got me feeling like the nigga now, yessir
[00:38.51]Running through 'em, looking for a down bitch
[00:40.51]It's like looking for them hitters on SoundClick
[00:42.75]Hoping someone else ain't already killed it
[00:44.76]Wait up, for real, you exclusive I found it
[00:46.00]Baby, say it's true
[00:49.01]I don't wanna have to wait on you
[00:51.50]These are things I gotta say to you
[00:54.03]Make me feel irreplaceable, baby
[00:55.76]'Cause I can't call it
[00:57.51]You fuck with other niggas, I won't even bother
[00:59.78]Young poppa, tell 'em who taught you
[01:02.00]Let me put my stamp on it, let me crop all them other niggas
[01:05.00]Out the picture, I say fuck them other niggas
[01:06.53]Won't you say it with me?
[01:09.50]My homeboy left the crib to me, baby, you should stay with me
[01:14.01]For as long as I'm here, baby that's okay with me
[01:18.00]For as long you want, baby that's okay with me
[01:21.28]For as long you want, baby that's okay with me
[01:25.50]How does it sound?
[01:27.76]Sound, fuck it girl
[01:30.26]Come spend the night with me
[01:32.03]Say whatever, just don't lie to me
[01:34.26]Stepping out, know I want you on the side of me
[01:36.50]Mama, you could come work, full-time with me
[01:38.53]Roll through in the Beamer, get inside
[01:40.24]'Til the wheels fall off, that's how long you can ride with me
[01:42.26]Yeah, that's word to Stephen Garrett
[01:45.27]Come ride with me
[01:50.49]Say it one more time for you
[01:52.01]These are things I gotta say to you
[01:53.77]Make me feel irreplaceable