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Lrc Formation-mc

Formation-mc LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10901 - Formation-mc [00:59.90] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:0.00]03:25.51]I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making
[00:03.01]I see it‚ I want it‚ I stunt‚ yellow bone it
[00:06.41]I dream it‚ I work hard‚ I grind ′til I own it
[00:10.21]I twirl on my haters‚ albino alligators
[00:14.20]El Camino with the seat low‚ sippin′ Cuervo with no chaser
[00:18.22]Sometimes I go off (I go off)‚ I go hard (I go hard)
[00:22.52]Take what′s mine (take what′s mine)‚ I am a star (I am a star)
[00:26.51]'Cause I slay (slay)‚ I slay (hey)‚ I slay (okay)‚ I slay (okay)
[00:30.40]I slay (okay)‚ I slay (okay)‚ I slay (okay)‚ I slay (okay)
[00:34.41]We gon′ slay (slay)‚ gon′ slay (okay)‚ we slay (okay)‚ I slay (okay)
[00:38.41]I slay (okay)‚ okay (okay)‚ I slay (okay)‚ okay‚ okay‚ okay‚ okay
[00:43.71]Okay‚ okay‚ ladies‚ now let′s get in formation‚ I slay
[00:47.42]Okay‚ ladies‚ now let′s get in formation‚ I slay
[00:51.51]Prove to me you got some coordination‚ I slay
[00:55.20]Slay trick‚ or you get eliminated