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Lrc I'm Not Okay

I'm Not Okay LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11146 - I'm Not Okay [03:08.94] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:I'm Not Okay]
[00:01.01]{00:02.97,D}( I n t r o )
[00:07.51]{00:08.42,D}( I n t r{00:13.73,Bm} o )
[00:18.26]{00:19.06,Em}( I n t r{00:24.38,A} o )
[00:28.51]Well {00:29.71,D}if you wanted honesty
[00:31.66]That's all you had to say
[00:34.54]I {00:35.06,Bm}never want to let you down
[00:37.18]Or have you go, it's
[00:38.69]Better off this wa{00:40.43,Em}y for all the dirty looks
[00:42.68]For photographs your boyfriend took
[00:45.18]Re{00:45.74,A}member when you broke your foot
[00:47.58]From jumping out the second floor?
[00:50.46]I'm {00:51.09,D}not okay. I'm not o{00:56.41,Bm}kay
[00:59.71]I'm not o{01:01.78,Em}kay. You wear me {01:07.09,A}out
[01:11.71]What {01:12.45,D}will it take to show you that
[01:14.46]It's not the life it seems? (I'm not)
[01:16.96](O{01:17.76,Bm}kay) I told you time and time
[01:19.36]Again you sing the words but
[01:21.51]Don't know what it
[01:22.76]Mean{01:23.09,Em}s to be a joke and look
[01:25.26]Another line without a hook
[01:28.40]I {01:28.45,A}held you close as we both shook
[01:30.80]For the last time, take a good hard look
[01:33.69]I'm {01:33.80,D}not okay. I'm not o{01:39.12,Bm}kay
[01:42.69]I'm not o{01:44.50,Em}kay. You wear me {01:49.83,A}out
[01:54.94]{01:55.16,Bm}( I n s t {01:56.51,A}r u m e n {01:57.84,E/G#}t a l ) {01:59.15,E}
[02:00.44]{02:00.49,A}( I n s t {02:01.81,E/G#}r u m e n{02:03.15,F#m} t a l ) {02:04.47,E}
[02:05.94]{02:05.84,Bm}( I n s t {02:07.16,A}r u m e n{02:08.50,E/G#} t a l ) {02:09.81,E}
[02:11.08]For{02:11.18,A}get about the dirty looks
[02:13.72]The photographs your boyfriend took?
[02:16.22]You {02:16.50,A}said you read me like a book
[02:18.86]But the pages all are torn and frayed
[02:21.76]{02:21.87,D}I'm okay. I'm o{02:27.20,Bm}kay
[02:31.16]I'm o{02:32.52,Em}kay, now (I'm okay, now)
[02:36.31]But you really need to listen to me
[02:37.95]{02:37.87,A} Because I'm telling you the truth
[02:40.34]I mean this. I'm okay (trust me)
[02:42.73]I'm {02:43.22,D}not okay. I'm not o{02:48.52,Bm}kay. Well, I'm not okay
[02:50.87]I'm not o-fucking-kay. I'm not o{02:53.87,Em}kay
[02:57.37]I'm not o{02:59.22,A}kay (okay){03:04.61,D}