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Lrc Lenny code fiction - Make my story

Lenny code fiction - Make my story LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10801 - Lenny code fiction - Make my story [04:28.67] 5 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Lenny Code Fiction]
[al:Lenny Code Fiction]
[ti:Make My Story]
[au:Lenny Code Fiction]
[00:08.10]I know what I have to do now
[00:11.80]It’s my live one and only
[00:29.55]I might wipe my tears many thousands of times, but the regret won't stop
[00:33.08]I don't expect that simple days are going to come
[00:36.80]Follow my way, I'll take it with me until I'm frustated
[00:40.55]Follow my way, furthermore aim at the the things that lie beyond
[00:43.87]Rather than ordinary dreams, I want to see dreams that glorify excitement
[00:48.05]I know what I have to do now
[00:50.84]Within so many lifes that exist,
[00:55.31]I found the right thing.
[00:59.30]Make my story
[01:01.06]I am unique, for the sake of my existence.
[01:06.56]Like a vow, like a decision, I want to live with these thoughts.
[01:15.80]Surely, sometime the days of crying will come.
[01:21.31]If I look back at that time, I want to make a way that continues!
[01:36.82]A thousand times, those people who don't know anything
[01:40.32]have been struck with harsh words on the cheeck.
[01:44.06]Have it you way, the insincerity until now is
[01:47.85]Have it your way, unknown to you.
[01:51.35]Rather than a succes, reality is taking failures with it.
[01:55.30]I know what I have to do now
[01:58.59]No matter how many times it decides to go beyond it's limit.
[02:02.56]There were days it was useless.
[02:06.30]Make my story
[02:09.32]Without letting it out of my mouth, it stopped my heart.
[02:14.08]Having had a lot of sorrow, I'd almost seemed to be doubting myself.
[02:23.56]One day, surely I'll be crying.
[02:28.55]Leaving an important day in my life behind, even so I want to search and live!
[03:13.80]A hundred things happened, gotta tell about my disgraces, like it's returning.
[03:18.10]I'm only looking at the fact that days are waiting.
[03:21.07]Within so many lifes that exist,
[03:25.36]I want to find the right thing myself.
[03:32.87]Make my story
[03:35.58]The most important things I want to tell are
[03:40.57]a bit scary, I'm bad at it, even so it's divided, always falling behind.
[03:50.06]I am unique, for the sake of my existence.
[03:54.81]Anything could happen in the heart, it made me how I am, without disappearing.
[04:04.09]I know what I have to do now