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Look At - SALTNPAPER LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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40841 - Look At by SALTNPAPER [03:15.19] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[al:Doctor John OST Part.2]
[ti:Look At]
[00:16.38]Look at your scars
[00:20.38]revealing but you’re still
[00:23.63]watching the day go by
[00:32.38]steering your car
[00:36.63]spinning out
[00:39.63]your thoughts
[00:40.38]they just crash in a line
[00:49.88]it won’t be long
[00:56.13]until she calls you
[01:06.13]it won’t be wrong
[01:12.13]for you to love again
[01:21.63]look at this mess
[01:25.39]spilling out
[01:28.63]over the paths we write
[01:37.88]look at these hearts
[01:41.63]burning up
[01:44.88]defeats by the fire fight
[01:54.88]it won’t be long
[02:11.13]until she calls you
[02:20.64]it won’t be wrong
[02:21.13]to fall in love again
[02:28.13]and time loses itself again
[02:36.88]the traces you find
[02:41.38]a one way street
[02:42.13]that leads back to you
[02:57.88]look at yourself
[03:01.38]look at yourself
[03:05.63]look at yourself