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Lrc Midsummer Madness by 88rising

Midsummer Madness - 88rising LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10318 - Midsummer Madness by 88rising [05:06.22] 5 years ago
by Guest
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[al:Head in the clouds]
[ti:Midsummer Madness ]
[au:Arles ]
[00:03.67]Last night, I lost all my patience
[00:08.96]You were fucked up, I was wasted
[00:14.25]Midsummer madness
[00:17.04]I can't take it no more, no more
[00:24.11]Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
[00:34.79]Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
[00:46.39]Make it make sense
[00:47.64]Make it make sense, I
[00:49.14]Can't hide a heart in a black tint, I
[00:51.89]You were off the bullshit and the tablets
[00:54.39]Under 21, both savage
[00:57.14]All these blurry nights feel the same to me
[00:59.65]Heart full of hate, no vacancy
[01:01.98]Only one you gonna blame when it's over
[01:04.70]Can't look me in my eyes when you sober
[01:07.86]Hey, I'm the one you call when you feelin' low
[01:10.78]Running up a check just to help you cope
[01:13.79]I just want to live in the moment
[01:16.55]You just want to fight 'cause you lonely
[01:19.03]Tryna see a milly then be really up
[01:21.80]Rockstar crash in my Bentley truck
[01:24.03]You need all my love
[01:26.80]You've got all the love
[01:29.03]Last night, I lost all my patience
[01:34.53]You were fucked up, I was wasted
[01:39.78]Midsummer madness
[01:42.53]I can't take it no more, no more
[01:49.60]Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
[02:00.39]Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
[02:07.28]Uh, ayy, ayy, uh
[02:11.53]Been a minute since I heard you wanna stay as friends
[02:14.03]I learned from my mistakes, you make me want to learn again
[02:16.79]I don't really see the problem, it's a risk I wanna take
[02:19.54]You say "Let's see where it goes" but I don't really wanna wait
[02:22.29]Ayy, look and listen up
[02:23.53]You've been smiling when we fuck
[02:24.78]Let's not even think about it, we ain't gotta talk a lot
[02:27.38]We get it hotter than the summer, I'll stay with you when it's not
[02:30.13]Put the slow jams on, I wanna see you make it pop, ayy
[02:32.89]Moving all around the bed like we just toss and turn, ayy
[02:35.88]Playin' with the fire, I don't care if I get burned, ayy
[02:38.39]I'ma treat you good like you've been waitin' for your turn, ayy
[02:41.13]Nothing in the universe feel better than your tongue, ayy
[02:43.88]'Bout to go home, I know you finna come with
[02:46.39]I'm playing these games like a pimp on the strip
[02:48.71]Conversations late night about how we gonna live
[02:51.48]I don't got the answer to it, all I'm finna say is
[02:53.71]Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
[03:04.47]Fuck the ru-u-u-ules (ayy, gang, gang)
[03:07.71]Ru-u-u-ules (ayy, gang, gang)
[03:10.71]Ru-u-u-u-oh (yeah)
[03:13.28]當光灑進了 white Porsche
[03:17.55]I never felt so good
[03:20.55]Call me DJ Knowknow, oh-oh no
[03:36.44]Fuck the rules
[03:37.93]距離不是問題, I know
[03:41.94]She lookin' so pretty, I wanted a kiss
[03:43.69]把beautiful memories 存入我的iPhone X
[03:46.52]I, I,I hope 24 can become 48
[03:49.78]看日落 粉的天 有藍月亮陪
[03:52.52]想要擁抱 我需要前給
[03:55.27]Sunny gone, I don't care, you're my sunshine babe
[03:59.79]I don't feel control
[04:02.52]I'm better on my own
[04:06.37]I'm used to being so gone for way too long
[04:11.60]Long, long, long
[04:19.93]Rules, rules, rules
[04:30.43]Rules, rules, rules