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20506 - Name [04:27.65] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.43]{00:00.35,G]( I n{00:01.92,D/F#] t r o{00:03.54,Cadd9] )
[00:04.93]{00:05.19,Em]( I n {00:05.98,D]t r o{00:06.80,Cadd9] )
[00:12.68]{00:13.29,G]( I n{00:14.94,D/F#] t r o{00:16.53,Cadd9] )
[00:17.68]{00:18.15,Em]( I n {00:18.98,D]t r o{00:19.78,Cadd9] )
[00:25.18]And {00:26.26,G]even though the m{00:27.91,D/F#]oment passed me b{00:29.50,Cadd9]y
[00:30.68]I {00:31.13,Em]still can't tu{00:31.93,D]rn aw{00:32.75,Cadd9]ay
[00:38.18]'Cause {00:39.22,G]all the dreams you ne{00:40.85,D/F#]ver thought you'd l{00:42.51,Cadd9]ose
[00:43.43]Got {00:44.09,Em]tossed alo{00:44.89,D]ng the w{00:45.72,Cadd9]ay
[00:51.18]And {00:52.22,G]letters that you n{00:53.87,D/F#]ever meant to se{00:55.47,Cadd9]nd
[00:56.43]Get {00:57.07,Em]lost or thro{00:57.86,D]wn aw{00:58.71,Cadd9]ay
[01:04.18]And {01:05.18,Em]now we're grown up o{01:06.76,D]rphans
[01:07.68]That {01:08.40,Cadd9]never knew their names
[01:10.44]We {01:11.63,Em]don't belong to n{01:13.22,D]o one that's a sha{01:14.82,Cadd9]me
[01:16.93]If {01:18.04,Em]you could hide bes{01:19.64,D]ide me
[01:20.93]{01:21.24,Cadd9]Maybe for a while
[01:23.18]And {01:24.45,Em]I won't tell n{01:26.07,D]o one you{01:27.69,Cadd9]r name
[01:30.43]And I won't tell 'em your {01:32.60,G]name
[01:33.93]{01:34.23,D/F#]( I n t e {01:35.82,Cadd9]r l u d e )
[01:36.93]{01:37.43,Em]( I n t {01:38.26,D]e r l {01:39.04,Cadd9]u d e )
[01:44.43]And {01:45.55,G]scars are souve{01:47.19,D/F#]nirs you never los{01:48.84,Cadd9]e
[01:49.68]The {01:50.40,Em]past is n{01:51.24,D]ever f{01:52.06,Cadd9]ar
[01:57.68]{01:58.54,G]Did you lose yours{02:00.15,D/F#]elf somewhere out th{02:01.80,Cadd9]ere
[02:02.43]Did you {02:03.38,Em]get to b{02:04.18,D]e a st{02:05.02,Cadd9]ar
[02:10.43]And {02:11.50,G]don't it make you s{02:13.11,D/F#]ad to know that l{02:14.76,Cadd9]ife
[02:15.68]Is {02:16.33,Em]more than w{02:17.16,D]ho we a{02:17.99,Cadd9]re
[02:23.68]We {02:24.46,Em]grew up way too fas{02:26.10,D]t
[02:26.57]And now there's {02:27.66,Cadd9]nothing to believe
[02:29.83]And {02:30.84,Em]reruns all becom{02:32.46,D]e our histo{02:34.06,Cadd9]ry
[02:36.32]A {02:37.24,Em]tired song keeps pla{02:38.84,D]ying on a {02:40.46,Cadd9]tired radio
[02:42.57]And {02:43.68,Em]I won't tell n{02:45.31,D]o one you{02:46.92,Cadd9]r name
[02:49.57]And I won't tell 'em your {02:51.82,G]name
[02:53.07]{02:53.46,D/F#]( I n t e {02:55.07,Cadd9]r l u d e )
[02:56.32]{02:56.67,Em]I won't tell '{02:57.52,D]em your n{02:58.30,Cadd9]ame
[03:04.07]{03:04.80,G] Mmm{03:06.45,D/F#], mmm, m{03:08.02,Cadd9]mm
[03:09.32]{03:09.68,Em]I won't tell '{03:10.46,D]em your n{03:11.28,Cadd9]ame, ow
[03:17.57]{03:17.80,Em]( I n s t {03:19.37,D]r u m e{03:20.99,Cadd9] n t a l )
[03:23.82]{03:24.15,Em]( I n s t {03:25.76,D]r u m e{03:27.38,Cadd9] n t a l )
[03:30.07]{03:30.54,Em]( I n s t {03:32.17,D]r u m e{03:33.75,Cadd9] n t a l )
[03:36.58]{03:36.92,Em]( I n s t {03:38.53,D]r u m e{03:40.13,Cadd9] n t a l )
[03:42.82]{03:43.27,Em]( I n s t {03:44.85,D]r u m e{03:46.42,Cadd9] n t a l )
[03:49.07]{03:49.57,Em]( I n s t {03:51.16,D]r u m e{03:52.73,Cadd9] n t a l )
[03:55.83]{03:57.67,G] I think abo{03:59.31,D/F#]ut you all the t{04:00.89,Cadd9]ime
[04:01.83]But {04:02.51,Em]I don't nee{04:03.31,D]d the s{04:04.15,Cadd9]ame
[04:09.83]It's {04:10.64,G]lonely where you a{04:12.26,D/F#]re, come back do{04:13.84,Cadd9]wn
[04:14.83]And {04:15.45,Em]I won't te{04:16.27,D]ll 'em your {04:17.09,Cadd9]name
[04:20.33]{04:22.24,G]( O u t r o )