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Lrc Reality by Jacob Lee

Reality - Jacob Lee LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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41371 - Reality by Jacob Lee [03:55.23] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Jacob Lee]
[00:01.68]If I could speak to the breeze
[00:03.69]What would she teach?
[00:05.18]I'd ask politely for peace
[00:07.93]Or some guidance at least
[00:11.18]Perhaps she'd tell me to leave
[00:14.44]Conceal the secrets in the air that I breathe
[00:22.44]If I could speak to the sea
[00:26.18]What would she preach?
[00:27.93]I'd ask her what does it mean, to know the depths of belief?
[00:33.43]Perhaps she'd guide me beneath
[00:36.93]Reveal the meaning in the fathoms unseen
[00:44.43]Then they'd say reality, was never for me
[00:50.69]Reality, was never for me, never for me
[01:09.44]If I could speak to the trees
[01:13.43]What would they plea?
[01:15.44]I'd watch the wind thieve their sees
[01:18.18]Lend them moments to grieve
[01:20.93]Perhaps they'll bleed just like me
[01:24.43]Deliver their message in the words that I read
[01:31.93]If I could speak to the leaves
[01:35.69]What would they heed?
[01:37.43]I'd ask them what do they seek?
[01:40.69]As they descend from the trees
[01:43.19]Perhaps they'd rest at my feet
[01:46.68]Administer healing in the tea that I drink
[01:54.18]Then they'd say reality, was never for me
[02:05.93]Reality, was never for me, never for me
[02:19.94]How am I to understand
[02:22.93]Everything I am
[02:27.69]If I don't look beyond the thoughts I have?
[02:31.43]Learning that it takes some time
[02:34.18]To separate the mind
[02:38.19]And I just wonder now
[02:42.18]If all that I have ever known
[02:45.43]Is all that I was ever shown
[02:49.43]Questioning who sees behind these eyes
[02:53.93]Maybe If I find a reason, that lasts beyond the seasons
[03:01.44]I'd ask if reality was ever for me
[03:13.43]Reality, was never for me, never for me
[03:24.18]If I could see the supreme
[03:27.18]What would he think?
[03:29.43]If he stood in front of me, would I believe?
[03:34.93]He'd ask me to take a sit
[03:38.69]Pour us a drink
[03:41.43]And show me all I could be