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Lrc Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11660 - Sweater Weather [03:58.63] 5 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Sweater Weather]
[00:08.51]All I a{00:10.68,C}m is a man
[00:12.91]I want the wo{00:14.54,Em}rld in my
[00:16.16]Ha{00:16.47,Am}nds, I {00:17.46,G}hate the be{00:18.45,C}ach but
[00:19.66]I stand in Califo{00:22.28,Em}rnia with my toes in the
[00:23.79]Sa{00:24.22,Am}nd, use the s{00:25.19,G}leeves of my swe{00:26.15,C}ater
[00:26.68]Let's have an adventure
[00:28.83]Head in the clo{00:30.03,Em}uds but my gravity's cen{00:31.94,Am}tered
[00:32.46]{00:32.92,G}Touch my {00:33.92,C}neck and I'll touch yours
[00:36.36]You in those {00:37.78,Em}little high waisted {00:39.70,Am}shorts, {00:40.66,G}oh
[00:41.36]{00:41.64,C} She knows what I think about
[00:43.36]{00:43.57,Am} And what I think about
[00:45.36]{00:45.51,Em} One love, two mouths
[00:47.36]{00:47.44,G} One love, one house
[00:49.11]{00:49.40,C} No shirt, no blouse
[00:51.11]{00:51.30,Am} Just us, you find out
[00:53.11]{00:53.24,Em}Nothing that wouldn't wanna tell you about
[00:54.74]N{00:55.19,G}o. 'Cause it's too {00:57.12,C}cold wh{00:59.02,Am}oa
[00:59.74]For you {01:01.01,Em}here and {01:02.92,G}now
[01:03.38]So let me {01:04.86,C}hold wh{01:06.79,Am}oa
[01:07.38]Both your {01:08.71,Em}hands in the {01:10.65,G}holes of my sweater
[01:11.76]And if I {01:12.59,C}may just take your breath away
[01:14.40]I don't mind if there's not much to say
[01:16.04]So{01:16.47,Em}metimes the silence guides our minds
[01:17.93]To {01:18.42,Am}move to a place so {01:19.45,G}far away
[01:20.08]{01:20.38,C} The goosebumps start to raise
[01:21.97]The minute that my left hand meets your waist
[01:24.10]{01:24.23,Em} And then I watch your face
[01:25.74]Put my {01:26.16,Am}finger on your tongue
[01:26.63]'Cause you {01:27.12,G}love the taste
[01:27.78]Yea{01:28.12,C}h these hearts adore,
[01:29.68]Every other beat the other one beats for
[01:31.84]{01:31.95,Em} Inside this place is warm
[01:33.72]{01:33.93,Am} Outside it {01:34.89,G}starts to pou{01:35.88,C}r
[01:36.61]Coming down
[01:37.76]{01:37.77,Am} One love, two mouths
[01:39.51]{01:39.71,Em} One love, one house
[01:41.51]{01:41.66,G} No shirt, no blouse
[01:43.51]{01:43.58,C} Just us, you find out
[01:45.40]{01:45.53,Am}Nothing that I wouldn't wanna tell you about
[01:47.04]N{01:47.45,Em}o no, n{01:49.41,G}o. 'Cause it's too {01:51.36,C}cold wh{01:53.26,Am}oa
[01:54.05]For you {01:55.19,Em}here and {01:57.15,G}now
[01:57.79]So let me {01:59.08,C}hold wh{02:00.99,Am}oa
[02:01.80]Both your {02:02.91,Em}hands in the {02:04.87,G}holes of
[02:05.43]My sweater. 'Cause it's too {02:06.79,C}cold wh{02:08.75,Am}oa
[02:09.43]For you {02:10.68,Em}here and {02:12.60,G}now
[02:13.18]So let me {02:14.56,C}hold wh{02:16.49,Am}oa
[02:17.08]Both your {02:18.41,Em}hands in the {02:20.37,G}holes of my sweater
[02:22.21]{02:22.29,D}Whoa, whoa
[02:25.96]{02:26.24,Am}( I n t e {02:28.05,G}r l u d {02:29.97,D}e )
[02:33.61]{02:33.91,Am} Whoa{02:35.85,G}, who{02:37.75,D}a, whoa
[02:41.11]{02:41.62,Am} Whoa{02:43.60,G}, who{02:45.53,D}a, whoa
[02:49.11]{02:49.40,Am} Whoa{02:51.34,G}, who{02:53.25,D}a, whoa
[02:56.61]{02:57.16,Am} Whoa{02:59.08,G}, who{03:01.00,D}a, whoa
[03:04.61]{03:04.89,Am} Whoa{03:06.81,G}, who{03:08.75,D}a, whoa
[03:10.76]'Cause it's too {03:12.63,C}cold wh{03:14.57,Am}oa
[03:15.26]For you {03:16.49,Em}here and {03:18.41,G}now
[03:19.01]So let me {03:20.35,C}hold wh{03:22.24,Am}oa
[03:23.01]Both your {03:24.24,Em}hands in the {03:26.14,G}holes of
[03:26.76]My sweater. It's too {03:28.08,C}cold wh{03:30.03,Am}oa
[03:30.76]For you {03:31.97,Em}here and {03:33.92,G}now
[03:34.51]Let me {03:35.84,C}hold wh{03:37.78,Am}oa
[03:38.51]Both your {03:39.71,Em}hands in the {03:41.64,G}holes of my sweater
[03:43.26]{03:43.60,C} And it's too c{03:45.46,Am}old, it's too c{03:47.40,Em}old
[03:48.91]The {03:49.40,G}holes of my sweater