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Lrc Tee Shirt

Tee Shirt LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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20529 - Tee Shirt [02:40.06] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Tee Shirt]
[00:00.96]{00:01.69,A]( I n {00:04.88,E]t r o{00:08.06,D] )
[00:10.72]{00:11.17,A]( I n{00:12.77,E] t r o )
[00:13.97]{00:14.35,A] In the morning{00:17.54,E] when you wake up
[00:19.96]I{00:20.67,D] like to believe you ar{00:23.83,A]e thinking of{00:25.39,E] me
[00:26.71]{00:27.00,A] And when the sun comes
[00:29.97]{00:30.15,E] Through your window I{00:33.32,D]
[00:33.97]Like to believe you’ve bee{00:36.42,A]n dreaming of{00:38.04,E] me
[00:39.22]{00:39.60,Dbm7] Dreami{00:40.82,D]ng, {00:42.79,Gbm]hmm, {00:43.98,E]mmm
[00:45.47]{00:45.99,A]I know. 'Cause I{00:49.14,E]'d spend
[00:50.97]Half this {00:52.30,D]morning
[00:54.72]{00:55.46,A]Thinking about the {00:57.03,E]t-shirt you sleep in
[00:58.47]{00:58.64,Gbm] I should know
[01:00.97]'Cause I{01:01.74,D]'d spend
[01:03.72]All the wh{01:04.89,A]ole day. {01:08.08,E]Listening to
[01:09.22]Your message I’m keeping{01:11.23,Dbm7] {01:12.39,D]
[01:13.97]{01:14.34,Gbm] And {01:15.96,E]never deleting{01:17.62,A]
[01:20.22]{01:20.71,A] When I saw you{01:23.85,E], everyone knew I{01:27.03,D]
[01:27.47]Liked the effect that you{01:30.16,A] had on my{01:31.75,E] eyes
[01:32.97]{01:33.33,A] But no one else heard
[01:36.22]{01:36.48,E] The weight of your words or{01:39.67,D]
[01:40.22]Felt the effect that they{01:42.81,A] have on m{01:44.40,E]y mind
[01:45.47]{01:45.95,Dbm7] Falli{01:47.13,D]ng, {01:49.10,Gbm]hmm, {01:50.28,E]mmm
[01:51.72]{01:52.28,A]I know. 'Cause I{01:55.43,E]'d spend
[01:57.47]Half this {01:58.59,D]morning
[02:01.22]{02:01.72,A]Thinking about the {02:03.33,E]t-shirt you sleep in
[02:04.72]{02:04.92,Gbm] I should know
[02:07.22]'Cause I{02:08.05,D]'d spend
[02:09.97]All the wh{02:11.21,A]ole day. {02:14.38,E]Listening to
[02:15.47]Your message I’m keeping{02:17.53,Dbm7] {02:18.72,D]
[02:20.22]{02:20.68,Gbm] And {02:22.30,E]never deleting{02:23.90,A]
[02:26.47]{02:27.01,E]( O u t{02:30.15,D] r o )
[02:32.72]{02:33.31,A]( O u{02:34.97,E] t r o )