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Lrc Temporary Love

Temporary Love LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12788 - Temporary Love [03:24.00] 5 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Temporary Love]
[00:01.25]{00:02.16,Em}( I n t {00:03.29,C}r o ) {00:04.13,G} {00:05.60,Am}
[00:06.50]{00:06.76,Em}( I n t {00:07.91,C}r o ) {00:08.77,G} {00:10.29,Am}
[00:11.00]{00:11.43,Em}( I n t {00:12.58,C}r o ) {00:13.43,G} {00:14.95,Am}
[00:15.75]{00:16.08,Em}( I n t {00:17.27,C}r o ) {00:18.11,G} {00:19.60,Am}
[00:20.50]{00:20.75,Em} Call the {00:21.92,C}cops,{00:22.79,G} call your {00:24.25,Am}lifeline
[00:25.25]{00:25.42,Em} There's no {00:26.56,C}way you were{00:27.40,G} ever in your
[00:28.90]{00:28.94,Am}Right mind
[00:29.89]{00:30.09,Em} Cut your {00:31.24,C}loss{00:32.08,G} at the {00:33.57,Am}tideline
[00:34.64]{00:34.72,Em} It will {00:35.90,C}cave from the{00:36.76,G} waves when they
[00:38.03]{00:38.24,Am}Pass by
[00:39.17]{00:39.43,Em}( I n t {00:40.57,C}e r l {00:41.77,G}u d e ){00:42.88,Am}
[00:43.67]{00:44.07,Em}( I n t {00:45.24,C}e r l {00:46.40,G}u d e ){00:47.58,Am}
[00:48.42]{00:48.75,Em} It's a {00:49.92,C}shot{00:50.79,G}, it's a {00:52.25,Am}tight wind
[00:53.07]{00:53.40,Em} We'll be {00:54.57,C}caught in f{00:55.43,G}orever for a
[00:56.71]{00:56.93,Am}Long time
[00:57.96]{00:58.08,Em} But your {00:59.24,C}touc{01:00.11,G}h gets me {01:01.58,Am}so high
[01:02.46]{01:02.72,Em} And feeling {01:03.89,C}sorry for m{01:04.77,G}yself at the
[01:06.10]{01:06.21,Am}Same time
[01:07.10]{01:07.39,Em}So u{01:08.54,C}nsaf{01:09.42,G}e, is this {01:10.90,Am}temporary
[01:11.98]{01:12.06,Em}Love {01:13.21,C}I crav{01:14.08,G}e, would we {01:15.59,Am}ever get
[01:16.36]E{01:16.73,Em}nough t{01:17.89,C}o tak{01:18.71,G}e, from the {01:20.22,Am}memory
[01:21.00]It {01:21.37,Em}was {01:22.58,C}a phas{01:23.39,G}e, is this
[01:24.90]{01:24.86,Am}Temporary {01:26.05,Em}love? {01:27.18,C}
[01:27.90]{01:28.02,G} Oh is this {01:29.52,Am}temporary {01:30.68,Em}love? {01:31.83,C}
[01:32.54]{01:32.70,G}( I n t {01:34.20,Am}e r l u d e )
[01:34.94]{01:35.34,Em} Wash your {01:36.55,C}cuts{01:37.44,G}, let the {01:38.86,Am}salt dry
[01:39.82]{01:40.02,Em} Shed your {01:41.21,C}skin on {01:42.07,G}a whim and be
[01:43.33]{01:43.53,Am}All mine
[01:44.47]{01:44.67,Em} Is our {01:45.83,C}love{01:46.67,G}, just a {01:48.15,Am}part time?
[01:49.22]{01:49.30,Em} Sometimes I {01:50.48,C}think that i{01:51.36,G}t's more, have I
[01:52.62]{01:52.84,Am}Lost sight?
[01:53.77]{01:53.99,Em}So u{01:55.15,C}nsaf{01:56.02,G}e, is this {01:57.49,Am}temporary
[01:58.52]{01:58.62,Em}Love {01:59.80,C}I crav{02:00.63,G}e, Would we {02:02.18,Am}ever get
[02:02.77]E{02:03.35,Em}nough t{02:04.48,C}o tak{02:05.39,G}e, from the {02:06.83,Am}memory
[02:07.42]It {02:07.97,Em}was {02:09.11,C}a phas{02:09.98,G}e, is this {02:11.48,Am}temporary
[02:12.55]{02:12.65,Em}Love? {02:13.79,C}
[02:14.45]{02:14.66,G} Oh is this {02:16.14,Am}temporary {02:17.31,Em}love? {02:18.44,C}
[02:19.20]{02:19.33,G}( I n t {02:20.79,Am}e r l u d e )
[02:21.60]{02:21.96,Em}On and on, my {02:23.12,C}friends
[02:23.49]We will {02:24.28,G}sing until it en{02:25.51,Am}ds
[02:26.24]{02:26.63,Em}On and on, my {02:27.78,C}friends
[02:28.25]We will {02:28.94,G}sing until it en{02:30.15,Am}ds
[02:30.99]{02:31.28,Em}On and on, my {02:32.46,C}friends
[02:32.74]We will {02:33.61,G}sing until it en{02:34.79,Am}ds
[02:35.13]'Til it en{02:35.95,Em}ds, {02:37.13,C} whoo-{02:38.24,G}hey {02:39.42,Am}
[02:40.13]{02:40.54,Em}So u{02:41.77,C}nsaf{02:42.62,G}e, is this {02:44.08,Am}temporary
[02:45.13]{02:45.29,Em}Love {02:46.40,C}I crav{02:47.28,G}e, would we {02:48.75,Am}ever get
[02:49.38]E{02:49.93,Em}nough t{02:51.10,C}o tak{02:51.93,G}e, from the {02:53.41,Am}memory
[02:54.13]it {02:54.55,Em}was {02:55.75,C}a phas{02:56.59,G}e, is this {02:58.08,Am}temporary
[02:59.13]{02:59.25,Em}Love? {03:00.37,C}
[03:01.13]{03:01.20,G} Oh is this {03:02.71,Am}temporary {03:03.94,Em}love? {03:05.07,C}
[03:05.78]{03:05.91,G}( I n t {03:07.43,Am}e r l u d e )
[03:08.28]{03:08.55,Em}( I n t {03:09.71,C}e r l {03:10.56,G}u d e {03:12.07,Am})
[03:13.03]{03:13.23,Em}( O u t{03:14.34,C} r o ){03:15.20,G} {03:16.70,Am}
[03:17.53]{03:17.85,Em}( O u t r o )