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Lrc The Dø - Dust It Off.(

The Dø - Dust It Off.( LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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2992 - The Dø - Dust It Off.( [03:23.26] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:07.09]Burning papers into ashes
[00:13.07]What a season
[00:16.34]How they fly high
[00:20.61]From the ground up
[00:24.84]There is yet another fountain
[00:30.84]Flowing over
[00:34.58]As the night falls
[00:38.36]Keep dreaming
[00:50.09]If you hold on to that box
[00:56.86]Don't you lock yourself inside
[01:04.37]Nothing has been done before
[01:10.34]It’s the most virgin dress
[01:16.35]You could possibly wear
[01:21.09]Mess it up, time is up
[01:39.87]Hold your memory for a moment
[01:46.34]With a blind hand
[01:49.84]Write some stories
[01:53.35]For tomorrow
[01:58.37]From the bottle of amnesia
[02:04.09]Find instructions to salvation
[02:11.34]To oblivion supreme
[02:23.59]Don’t be tempted to look back
[02:30.38]It has all happened before
[02:37.35]Someday miraculous spring
[02:43.85]Will forgive
[02:47.59]Every cowardly thing that you'’ve done
[02:54.34]That I've done
[02:58.08]Dust it off