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Lrc The Messenger

The Messenger LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10297 - The Messenger [03:33.46] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:The Messenger]
[00:02.02]{00:03.56,Bm}( I n t {00:05.00,F#m}r o ) {00:06.52,G} {00:08.00,A}
[00:09.01]{00:09.47,Bm}( I n t {00:10.96,F#m}r o ) {00:12.43,G} {00:13.90,A}
[00:15.02]{00:15.37,Bm}( I n t {00:16.85,F#m}r o ) {00:18.37,G} {00:19.84,A}
[00:20.77]{00:21.32,Bm}( I n t {00:22.79,F#m}r o ) {00:24.25,G} {00:25.71,A}
[00:26.77]{00:27.17,Bm} Got a {00:28.70,F#m}letter from a {00:30.16,G}messenge{00:31.67,A}r
[00:32.77]{00:33.15,Bm} I {00:34.65,F#m}read it when it {00:36.13,G}came {00:37.59,A}
[00:38.52]{00:39.09,Bm} It {00:40.56,F#m}said that you were {00:42.01,G}wound{00:43.48,A}ed
[00:44.52]{00:44.98,Bm} {00:46.46,F#m}You were bound {00:47.92,G}and chaine{00:49.42,A}d
[00:50.52]{00:50.91,D} You had love and you were {00:53.88,G}handled
[00:56.27]{00:56.87,D} You were poisoned you were {00:59.79,A}pained
[01:01.27]Oh n{01:02.78,Bm}o,{01:04.24,F#m} oh n{01:05.73,G}o. You were {01:07.22,A}naked
[01:07.77]You {01:08.71,Bm}were shame{01:10.19,F#m}d {01:11.66,G} {01:13.13,A}
[01:14.27]{01:14.63,Bm} You could {01:16.10,F#m}almost touch {01:17.58,G}heave{01:19.06,A}n
[01:20.27]{01:20.52,Bm} Right {01:22.01,F#m}there in front of {01:23.48,G}you {01:24.95,A}
[01:26.02]{01:26.44,Bm} Liber{01:27.93,F#m}ty just slipped a{01:29.41,G}way on u{01:30.90,A}s
[01:32.02]{01:32.40,Bm} Now there's {01:33.88,F#m}so much work t{01:35.33,G}o do {01:36.81,A}
[01:37.77]{01:38.31,D} Oh the door that closes {01:41.26,G}tightly
[01:43.77]{01:44.23,D} Is the door than can swing {01:47.20,A}wide
[01:48.77]Oh n{01:50.14,Bm}o,{01:51.65,F#m} oh no{01:53.13,G}. Not ex{01:54.60,A}pecting to
[01:55.52]Col{01:56.09,D}lide. For a minute
[02:01.02]I let {02:01.99,G}my guard down
[02:04.77]{02:05.00,Em} Not afraid to be found {02:07.97,D}out
[02:11.02]I completely for{02:13.88,G}got dear
[02:16.52]{02:16.81,Em} What our fears were all a{02:19.79,D}bout
[02:21.27]Oh n{02:22.79,Bm}o,{02:24.24,F#m} oh n{02:25.73,G}o. There's no {02:27.18,A}need to be
[02:28.27]Wi{02:28.71,Bm}thout {02:30.18,F#m} {02:31.65,G} {02:33.08,A}
[02:34.27]{02:34.60,Bm} If there's a {02:36.09,F#m}chance I would {02:37.59,G}take i{02:39.03,A}t
[02:40.02]{02:40.50,Bm} This de{02:41.98,F#m}sire I can't {02:43.49,G}kill, n{02:45.00,A}o
[02:46.27]{02:46.47,Bm} Take my {02:47.94,F#m}heart please don't {02:49.40,G}break i{02:50.86,A}t
[02:51.77]{02:52.36,Bm} I will {02:53.86,F#m}crawl to your foot{02:55.33,G}hill {02:56.79,A}
[02:58.02]{02:58.28,D} I'm frightened but I'm {03:01.25,G}coming
[03:03.77]{03:04.18,D} Please baby please lay {03:07.16,A}still
[03:08.52]Oh n{03:10.13,Bm}o,{03:11.61,F#m} oh no{03:13.10,G}. I'm not {03:14.55,A}coming for
[03:15.52]The {03:16.04,Bm}kill,{03:17.55,F#m} oh n{03:19.02,G}o. I'm not {03:20.51,A}coming for
[03:21.52]The {03:21.96,Bm}kill,{03:23.46,F#m} oh no{03:24.94,G}. I'm not {03:26.42,A}coming for
[03:27.52]The {03:27.94,D}Kill