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Lrc Track21

Track21 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31399 - Track21 [02:14.49] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.16]page 48, CD 2-21
[00:03.07]Listening 3
[00:07.37]I could never buy a car at home because we pay a very high tax on cars.
[00:13.76]Only rich people can really afford to buy a car at home.
[00:17.67]Here in the US., I drive a nice new car and I can easily afford it.
[00:23.66]You don't have to be rich to own a car, which is great.
[00:30.66]At home it only costs about $300 a month to rent a nice apartment.
[00:36.82]That's what I used to pay for a four-room apartment in a good neighborhood.
[00:41.46]Here in the U.S., I pay more than twice that for a much smaller apartment, and it's not in a very nice neighborhood.
[00:52.91]I bought a lot of clothes in my country before I moved to the U.S. because everyone told me how expensive American clothing is.
[01:00.31]I was kind of surprised that I could get nice clothes here for very reasonable prices.
[01:05.16]In fact, it costs me less for clothes here than it used to cost me at home.
[01:12.20]In my country, not a lot of people travel by plane because it costs more than most people can afford.
[01:18.42]But the U.S. is such a big country and the population is large, so you have a lot of people traveling by plane.
[01:25.16]That's what keeps the prices down.
[01:27.06]That means I can afford to fly here and I do it all the time.
[01:30.70]I couldn't do that at home.
[01:35.16]Most people send their children to private schools at home because the public schools are not very good.
[01:41.16]You have to pay a lot to do that, so it's big expense for many people.
[01:46.17]Public schools are better in the U.S., and they're free, so most people here send their children to public schools.
[01:55.92]Here in the U.S. you need to have health insurance because it costs a lot to see a doctor or to enter a hospital.
[02:03.42]At home, you don't have to pay much to see a doctor or go to a hospital because most of the clinics and hospitals are run by the government.