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Lrc Traipse by Tremonti

Traipse - Tremonti LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10196 - Traipse by Tremonti [04:22.84] 5 years ago
by Guest
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[00:13.42]Traipse to the back
[00:14.16]Of the wood
[00:16.67]Told you that I could
[00:20.17]Quieted by the storm
[00:23.42]Shake 'til the fear is gone
[00:26.92]Plunge to the deep
[00:28.06]Of the lake
[00:30.31]Took all I could take
[00:33.57]Found a new strength in me
[00:36.56]Now I move on
[00:38.31]To the sea
[00:40.81]Cold is the
[00:41.31]Light of the sun
[00:43.82]Black as the
[00:44.56]Lack of love
[00:47.31]Body and soul
[00:48.57]Born of steel
[00:50.82]Sharp now
[00:51.32]For the kill
[00:53.31]Oh let me,
[00:56.81]Let me down
[01:00.31]Oh let me,
[01:04.07]Let me drown
[01:21.82]Traipse to the edge
[01:22.81]Of the sea
[01:25.31]Could be the end of me
[01:28.56]My head and the deep
[01:29.82]Become one
[01:32.07]I remain
[01:33.07]Just for fun
[01:35.32]Emerge on the
[01:36.06]Far other side
[01:38.81]Look on ahead and smile
[01:42.07]Eager to rise again
[01:45.06]All troubles
[01:46.81]To the wind
[01:49.07]Bold is the light
[01:50.07]Of the sun
[01:52.32]Forgiving and
[01:53.31]Full of love
[01:55.81]Yearn now for time
[01:57.07]To stand still
[01:59.06]These mountains,
[02:00.06]Another hill
[02:01.81]Oh let me,
[02:05.32]Let me down
[02:08.81]Oh let me,
[02:12.31]Let me drown
[02:18.57]Let me see ya
[02:22.06]Let me see you rise
[02:25.57]Offer me your worst
[02:28.32]Could you try
[02:32.32]Let me end ya
[02:35.82]Let me seal your fate
[02:39.06]Let me be your curse
[02:42.07]All your hate
[03:39.54]Cold is the light
[03:40.79]Of your sun
[03:43.54]Away the love
[03:46.29]When me and the deep
[03:47.54]Become one
[03:49.80]The rapture
[03:50.54]Again is gone
[03:52.54]Oh let me,
[03:55.78]Let me down
[03:59.54]Oh let me,
[04:03.04]Let me drown