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Lrc Verd Min by Eivor

Verd Min - Eivor LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70868 - Verd Min by Eivor [04:57.14] 3 years ago
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[ti:Verd Min]
[00:21.56]The beautiful night is glowing ashes
[00:26.86]In a mass of stars the world awakes
[00:31.09]Naked I stand
[00:36.31]Alone on this spot
[00:43.32]A man so fine but so timid
[00:48.82]Warily approaches, watches
[00:52.81]Dark as kelp his hair
[00:58.06]Pale flint skin
[01:04.30]Be mine
[01:14.31]Be mine
[01:16.84]Be mine
[01:19.81]my world
[01:26.82]You back away
[01:32.30]Frightened, longing for bliss
[01:36.33]Seduced I follow you
[01:41.31]Stay with me
[01:48.58]Sea and sky intertwine at the brims
[01:54.33]Aroused your hands shiver
[01:58.31]I enter your space
[02:03.83]Feel who I am
[02:09.30]Be mine
[02:19.81]Be mine
[02:22.31]Be mine
[02:25.31]my world
[02:32.31]Locked the chest, hid the key
[02:37.56]Sanctified it against sorcery
[02:41.83]The man is now my sea
[02:47.06]The night is no more
[02:54.33]Spellbound he embraces me
[02:59.56]I become his talisman
[03:03.58]Everyone has left
[03:09.06]And I am alone
[03:14.83]Be mine
[03:25.31]My world
[03:27.56]Be mine
[03:31.06]My world
[03:36.56]Be mine
[03:47.31]My world
[03:49.81]Be mine
[03:52.81]My world
[03:59.56]My skin, my mortal frame
[04:04.82]I won't miss it
[04:10.06]A skin, a frame
[04:15.56]I won't forget it
[04:21.31]My skin, my mortal frame
[04:26.81]I won't miss it
[04:32.06]A skin, a frame
[04:37.56]I won't forget it