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Lrc (7) by Bill (7) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70971 - (7) by Bill [02:56.95] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.89]Paul: So have you seen all these freakish weather events on the news all around the world?
[00:06.89]Amy: Yeah, yeah. I'm trying to pay attention, yeah. It's been pretty bad in some places. I think it's been the wettest January on record in the UK at the moment.
[00:20.89]Paul: Right, right, right. So do you think it's kind of indicative of climate change? Are you a climate change believer or a climate change denier?
[00:31.64]Amy: I think it's hard to deny really. I think what humans do to the planet is going to have some effect and science is science, you know.
[00:43.14]It's backed up by evidence and facts and scientists don't tend to say things until they know it's true or as true as it can be.
[00:54.64]So yeah, I'm definitely a believer in climate change, I think. We are affecting things on the planet.
[01:02.64]How about you?
[01:03.39]Paul: I've read quite a lot about it. And yes, there is a science to support it but there's also a lot of science to — not to deny it but there's definitely a lot of questions that aren't answered yet.
[01:18.39] It's a very sort of complex issue. I mean, these global systems of weather and you've got all these like organic processes going on that we just don't really understand.
[01:33.89]And then trying to explain all these complex events by saying it's climate change, it's…
[01:41.89]I mean, what worries me is that by denying it, it seems to also be a sort of justification for us to continue living the way we are, which worries me a lot.
[01:58.64]Whether it's true or not, I think we need to be thinking about how we can live better.
[02:05.39]And that means, living in ways that are less, sort of, damaging on our environment.
[02:12.14]Amy: Yeah, I agree. I agree. I've also read a bit about weather systems that are perhaps not—because of climate of change, every planet has weather systems that come and go.
[02:28.14]And I understand that part but I also fully agree that we have to stop being so destructive.
[02:36.14]I think it's pretty clear. You can't continue cutting down acres and acres and acres of really valuable resources like the rainforest.
[02:47.39]I mean, we need that to breathe, so it just doesn't make sense. Yeah, I think we definitely have to stop being so destructive.