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180471 - [02:26.74] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:00.67]We are all aware of the effect greenhouse gas emissions is having on our planet and the efforts needed to tackle climate change.
[00:09.44]Most of us are doing our bit to minimise our impact on the environment, but despite our collective effort, are we doing enough to achieve net zero by 2050?
[00:21.39]Net zero means not adding to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
[00:27.23]Many countries are doing their bit by changing how they generate and use power, thereby cutting carbon dioxide output.
[00:36.00]And they announced what further steps they were going to take at the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow.
[00:42.91]In the UK, the government has been setting out its plans to achieve net zero by 2050.
[00:49.81]It’s recently announced an end date for the sale of gas boilers, which are used for heating homes.
[00:56.45]The idea is to replace them with heat pumps.
[00:59.64]It’s offering homeowners grants of up to £5,000 to get them installed.
[01:05.22]Another initiative in the UK is a big push towards electric vehicles.
[01:11.33]There are to be financial incentives for car manufacturers, and more charging points are to be installed in streets.
[01:18.50] And there’s to be a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.
[01:24.61]But not all emissions can be reduced to zero, so those remaining will have to be compensated for, or offset.
[01:33.38] One way to do this is to plant thousands of trees, which are good at absorbing carbon dioxide.
[01:40.54]The UK government has pledged to plant 30,000 hectares of trees a year by 2025.
[01:47.98] There are other ideas too, but what’s certain is this will cost money.
[01:53.83]The CBI’s Tom Thackray told the BBC that “those costs have to be weighed up against the cost of inaction.”
[02:02.33]Whether the UK, or anyone else, reaches net zero remains to be seen.
[02:08.17]And there’s some doubt about how this can be accurately measured anyway.
[02:13.22]But it’s generally recognised that a global effort is needed to tackle climate change.
[02:19.33]Therefore, net zero targets only make sense if every other country is moving in the same direction.