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With LRC Maker & Generator Online, Create Subtitles for your Music

How to use LRC Maker v1.2.3 (6 Tips) :

1- Structure: A line represents a Music Subtitle in the LRC Generator system. Each Line includes a Time TAG on left and Lyrics on right. Both are clickable. And there is a Floating Button to tag Lines one after the other. You can also download generated LRC files by other Users with search possibility.
2- 1st Line: Click on the Time TAG at the left of the 1st line OR the Floating Button when the music reaches the words in the 1st line. Tip (it's better to click the 1st line each 5 seconds before the music reaches it, so that if you miss it you can click again the 1st line which will send you 5 seconds before to correct it).
3- Missing Tag: If you miss a line, or tag it incorrectly, click on the previous line, the music will go back to that line (few seconds before) and you can wait again to retag that incorrect line. The Floating Button cannot retag a line, it works only when the next line has a time of 0.00
4- Review: After you tag all lines, you can replay the music to see if the synchronization is as you desire. If not you can retag any line by click on the line before it.
5- Saving: When you're done tagging, click Save button at the bottom of Lyrics to generate the LRC file and download it for you.
6- Edit Later: Any time later, you can put the LRC Text you downloaded with tag format (Ex: [00:10.02]Line 1), the system will automatically load the Lyrics with actual Time Tags, so you can edit the Time TAGS or reset them.

IMPORTANT: If you want to exclude a line that hold information, keep the Whole Line BLANK or in BRACKETS, ie: [Chorus], [Verse 1], [Playing Instruments], [From original music bla bla bla] etc., so the System can ignore time tag for that line, otherwise the line will be tagged.

You can use Music Player like LISTENit that will allow you to listen music with LRC file on your Android Mobile Phone. Just give the LRC File (musics/my_heart_will_go_on_sample.lrc) the same name in the same directory with the Music File (musics/my_heart_will_go_on_sample.mp3).
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