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Musician Yvolo

Biography of Yvolo

Yvens Alexis, or known in the music community as “Yvolo”, is a dynamic Haitian reggae dancehall artist. He represents Haitian culture to the fullest. He’s a devout football (soccer) fan, whose first love for reggae dancehall music and dancing started early. His current hits “Demake Black” and “M PaKa Konprann Sa” are just a sample of the conscience thinking to his lyrics that coincide with reggae dancehall beats that are easy to become current and future favorites. As you listen to his songs you become aware of the deep love for his native homeland of Haiti. He sings about conscious issues of his Motherland you can feel the hope he has for his country.
Identity of Musician
  • From: UnKnown Place

Singles of Yvolo

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