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Band Bazbeltet

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Biography of Bazbeltet


Professionally known as Reylexkisoubeatla. He produced instrumentals for prominent rappers such as Izolan, Pjay, Niska, Troubleboy and Steves J Bryan.

A.k.a the Trap King, which explains his recognition in the music industry as a producer. He worked with notable artists and music groups such as Pjay, Dug-G, Lib Kolabo, Niska, Balalatet and Mafia Repiblik.

Emerging producer and rapper. He has a flair for all types of instrumentals, especially Afrotrap. He produced and rapped on multiple instrumentals off the Bel Bout Tape.

New to the music scene, yet his appearance made quite an impression on the public. Catch him on several hooks and verses off the Bel Bout Tape.

Redge CH

Being lyrically gifted, he is able to command attention by delivering continuous multisyllabic rhyming schemes, complex lyricism and double entendres.

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