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Musician Zizou Guitare

Biography of Zizou Guitare

Elisee Bonhomme aka zizou guitarist has a passion for music and also life saving crisis during the day he has his tetescope around his neck and on his relaxing time his guitar on hands his education journey started at national de vieux bourg d'àquin and continuously onto college eli Blaise de carrefour his passion continues with his studying onto Dominican Republic to become a doctor but yet he will not leave his passion for music aside meanwhile he went in to study at the university of Utesa and obtained his degree with Uniremhos .
Elisee Bohomme was born in St. Louis du sud in 1986 in a Christian oriented family .at the age of 3 he lived apart from his family until his adult life ,as it was mentioned his passion for music as oppose for medical ,he worked and performer with some very well known artist seeing is believing some of his work will be posted and his upcoming entertainment shall be the beginning or the continuous of a bright young artist.
Identity of Musician
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